Colour Panels

Dyebrick can be diluted to produce various shades or may be blended with each other to produce an even wider range of colours, enabling you to match your desired brick colour as closely as possible.

Dyebrick will produce different colours depending upon the original background masonry. The original character of your brick is maintained, though the degree of variation will depend upon the dilution level, or amount of coats you choose to apply.

Please try our sample pots first, to assess the colour created when applied to your bricks and also the compatibility with your brick type.


Brick Age

Dyebrick allows original surface features to show through, producing a more natural appearance.

Dyebrick tint tinting products have been used for over thirty years within the construction industry and possess excellent durability when applied to sound brick and masonry. Jobs carried out in the mid 1970's are still performing well to this day.

Dyebrick colour stains should not be confused with standard masonry paints and their inherent maintenance commitments.

Dyebrick - The Colour Stain for Brick