Lifetime Guarantee

Dyebrick product formulations contain the highest quality ingredients.

Our colour stains have been used, by us, successfully for over 40 years within the construction industry.
Dyebrick products are tested regularly for their durability in all weather conditions, by practical use 'on-site' and by Materials Testing Laboratories.

Should they be subjected to colour loss or fade (outside of normal tolerances for coloured masonry units), then we will supply, free of charge, enough product to re-stain the affected areas for the lifetime of the building or home.

For the purpose of this Guarantee "Lifetime" shall mean as long as the masonry remains unaltered following the application of Dyebrick.

Should you find, when carrying out a trial area, that our products do not perform to your satisfaction,

then we will offer a refund upon receipt of the product in question.

Dyebrick is a consumer product and is not for trade use.

The Dyebrick Guarantee does not cover the trade use or application of our products.

Contractors wishing to use our products should contact us for details on our 'Commercial Trade Range '