Pictures to accompany the testimonials below can be viewed by clicking the authors' name to be taken to their page on the Dyebrick Customer Gallery.

Paul: New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA

I was never happy with our original brick and after exploring different ways to change it I settled on Dyebrick as it seemed like the best way to achieve a natural look in the color palette I was targeting.

I ordered sample pots that I used on leftover brick that I had in my garage that allowed me to experiment with various colors. I ultimately decided on formulas that produced 5 shades of a combination of Old English Red and Tudor Brown.

The transformation is dramatic and by mixing the different shades, combined with the mortar lines now being accentuated, the brick now has more depth and dimension. The process was tedious but well worth the effort as I am very happy with the result. I have had a lot of positive feedback and have sent the Dyebrick link to a number of friends and neighbors. The directions are easy to follow and cleanup was simple. I paid for the expedited shipping and was amazed that I received the product in 3 days from the UK!!

Thanks for helping to create the transformation I was looking for.

Patricia: Livonia, Michigan, USA

I love your product!!! I live on a main road with a lot of traffic, strangers keep stopping and asking what the product I am using is and how it works!

I’ve finished half the exterior of my house and have over 60 hrs into it... every minute worth it!

I am staining my entire house from an outdated orange brick to charcoal. It looks amazing!

Brandon: Ottowa, Illinois, USA

We were very pleased with how our finished project has turned out. One of our biggest goals was to change the appearance of our brick. With a referral from a relative who used your product in the past we thought we would try it out for ourselves. We used 4 undiluted kits of the charcoal stain. When we finished it turned out far better than our expectations. We have already recommended your product to people who have stopped and inquired about how we changed our brick. We have no doubt it will last for years to come. Thank You!

Sandy: Circle Pines, Minnesota, USA

I wanted to share my before and after pics. Although not completely done as I need to order more, I am thrilled with the results! I really appreciated all the info in the gallery so wanted to add my thoughts too. Strongly recommend doing the test pots not only to see how the color looks and how much you want to dilute, but also to practice applying and to determine if you want to do the grout or not. I used full-strength and it took about seven hours to apply each container. Completed what is shown in the pic using two containers of charcoal at full-strength (about 14 hours of time). I hesitated for quite a while, but I'm so glad I decided to do this and to use Dyebrick!

Carrie D: Mahtomedi, Minnesota, USA

Your product is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!
When I resided my home, the brick did not match and looked outdated. I thought about replacing the brick, but the brick products sold in stores are not real brick but a manufactured stone veneer and quite expensive, not to mention the added cost to have the old removed and the new installed. I searched for a brick stain in stores and online but could not find any in the United States but did find your product.
After reading testimonials and viewing photos from people who had used Dyebrick, I decided to give it a try and couldn’t be happier with the results!
I LOVE how my home looks now and have received numerous compliments. My home finally looks totally updated and complete!
If you are hesitating about trying Dyebrick, hesitate no more! I highly recommend it! This product has the potential to make you extremely happy with the results AND save you a ton of money! A win-win for me!
By the way, I purchased one Brick Tinting Kit (Charcoal) and did the full dilution (used all three Fixing Agents) and still had a ton left over.

Audrey: Centennial, Colorado, USA

Hello! I'm submitting a before and after photo of my fireplace.
I custom mixed Old English Red, Charcoal, and Yellow dye to change my drab fireplace into a classic red brick!
I LOVE the results.
Thanks Dyebrick!

Ranae: Bismarck, North Dakota, USA.

We love our new look. We used full applications of Charcoal & Mocha to get our rich brown look. The picture really doesn't show it as beautiful as it is. Thank you for your product...we are very pleased.

Justin: Parma, Ohio, USA

We used Dyebrick Old Oak, Charcoal and Dark Plum to transform our dated yellow bricks.
Wonderful product, so many wonderful comments from neighbors and passers-by watching this process.
We couldn't be happier with the results!
Thank you Dyebrick.

Tony: Bolton, Ontario, Canada

Hello, Used your product a few years ago and the newly stained bricks still look great!

Chris & Ann Marie: Ellicott City, Maryland, USA.

Your LimeLike product was an integral component to transforming our 1980 colonial home in Ellicott City, Maryland into what we're calling "Late-Century Modern". The color samples and a number of test brick (from sills that were being replaced) were extremely helpful. We settled on equal parts Fossil Gray, Dover White, and Dark Ash to get the color we wanted. We made a slightly-thin mix (25% more water than usual) to retain some of the original color variation. Applying LimeLike was easier than painting, and was greatly-simplified (understatement) once we decided to use the same color for the mortar as the brick. Doing so otherwise would have been quite tedious to avoid an overloaded brush to run down onto the mortar below. Thanks for making a great product and providing the help we needed to achieve this incredible transformation.
Chris & Ann Marie

Ali Kafaji: Wembley, London, England.

I was impressed and overwhelmed by your professional conduct and willingness to go the extra mile to support your customers.
The information you provided was valuable and was shared with my planning consultant who agreed on the suggestions given.
Your products enabled us to comply with the councils strict planning enforcement requirements.
Thank you so much.
With my best regards.

Miguel: London, Ontario, Canada.

Hi Guys,
Just want to share the final results.
Thanks, I am very happy with the product!

Rose: Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Hi Dyebrick!!

Rose from Wisconsin USA here!
I love my brick now!
Thank you so much!!


Julie: Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA.

First of all THANK YOU for including the Classic Brick Red kit with my order. It was very kind of you and was the perfect addition. I ended up using a combination of the Classic Red Brick and the Tudor Brown to come very close to the color of our bricks. I did the entire area in the mixture, then went back over the bad mortar job with some brick age. The light color of the mortar still shows a bit in places, so I still may do a very diluted coat of the brick age in a few places. But, unless you know what to look for it looks amazing. I don’t think it will ever look as perfect as the original, but the “curb appeal” of our house just increased immensely!

Thank you so very much for your help and for sending the extra color. I’m amazed that you just knew that’s the color I needed. I am beyond happy!

All the best,

Nina & Paul: Chertsey, Surrey, England.

We are absolutely delighted with the new look of our wall.

What a fantastic product, easy to mix and apply, great colour, (fossil grey) and so reassuring to know it’s not paint so our bricks can still breath nicely :) such helpful friendly staff too, thanks guys!

Nina and Paul. Chertsey, Surrey.

Beth: Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA

I wanted to share how pleased I am with using the Dyebrick products for my Fireplace. I mixed one container of Old English Red and one of Rustic Brown. As you can see my bricks were very faded.

The stain is very easy to use and had no odor. I had to work over a few weekends, and it stored well in a Mason jar. Cleans up easy also.

It was a great suggestion to purchase the sample pots to test the color and coverage.

I feel like I have a new fireplace instead of an eyesore!

Richard: Boonville, Indiana, USA

Just wanted to share my before and afters. Very happy with the results. This was sprayed on.

I used the sprayer that has the reservoir separate from the sprayer so I could keep it agitated as I went. Afterward we went over with a brush to give it depth.

The bricks have entirely too much texture to brush on which was the original plan. The brush wouldn't get into the grooves. It looks darker from a distance but up close the orange looks reddish coming through and that's better than what we were wanting. I have recommended the dye to others already.

David: Chelan, Washington, USA

I started my project back on May 23rd 2018. And I have to say that Dyebrick truly is amazing stuff. It takes a bit to get the hang of it if like me you are starting with fresh concrete.. but wow the difference. And yes you can double coat in order to vary the pattern. This does take time but the rewards are worth it!

Julie: Farmington, Utah, USA

It's been almost a year since we used your wonderful product of Old English Red on our home exterior, and it's held up beautifully!

Attached are before and after pictures. A special thank you to Mike Anderson for all your help!

We love the way it turned out!



Patti: Rockford, Illinois, USA

Love the product and have had many compliments!

Joanne: Coatesville, Pennsylvania, USA.

At first I was apprehensive but desperately wanted to update the fireplace before the holidays. I could not be happier with the ease of use and results! Used charcoal stain and lightener to create the various shades. Still have work to do on the fireplace surround and mantle but very pleased with how simple change to brick color has modernized the overall appearance of the fireplace.

Sonja: Rockaway, New Jersey, USA

Love the look!

This is part of a multi year transformation... next year is trim and stucco painting. Trim black...stucco either a pale pale green or gray.

Thank - you for your help


Rizwan: Watford, England.

Hi, I just want to say a massive thank you to the service I had about 2 or 3 years ago.

I can't remember the persons name I dealt with but they gave me fantastic advice via phone and email.

I used your products (Classic Brick Red & Warm Orange) and improved unmatched new brick and mortar work at the time on a new extension.

It is still looking good! Fantastic service. Thanks again.


Natalie & Joe: Plainfield, Illinois, USA.

We just finished staining the brick of our entire home last week and we are absolutely THRILLED with how it turned out. We've received so many compliments on the finished look of our home--- the before/after pictures that I have are incredible!!

We are so impressed with the product, the application, and all the assistance offered by your company!

Again, we're just thrilled!!

Spencer Anderson: Layton, Utah, USA

My wife didn’t like the color of our house so I searched for a product I could use that didn’t require painting the house. I found this brick dye and it was amazing!! It had easy to read instructions, and was easy to mix and use.

I would recommend practicing a bit with the product prior to adding in the fixing agent so you can get the hang of using it and can clean it off. It’s easy to use but if you aren’t used to using a stain like product on a vertical surface you’ll want to try it out first before making it permanent. However, once you get the hang of it you can add the agent and get rolling. Note: Make sure you keep the dye mixed as you use it to keep the color the same throughout the project.

This was totally worth the time and effort. Now we have a completely different house on the outside without spending thousands of dollars. This product is amazing and I’ve already recommended it to other people I know.

Colleen: Alden, New York, USA

Just wanted to Thank you for this product. It took me about 5 hours from start to finish to get our fireplace totally transformed. Our fireplace is large and the center of the house. We used the Charcoal dye and are absolutely thrilled with the outcome. No more 70's style look and it really pulls our house together more! Thank you!

Casi: St. Joseph, Missouri, USA.

THANK YOU! I bought a fixer upper that had a terrible case of efflorescence on the chimney. I was a bit wary that dye would be able to cover how extensive the efflorescence was, but everything else I had tried (muriatic acid) didn't work. Nine months later, I still love the results!

Seth: Essex County, New Jersey, USA

Love this product! I enjoyed mixing my own dye, experimenting a bit with the charcoal dye and the lightener to get the results I wanted on my brick. I decided to dye the brick and mortar the same mixture, as the translucency of the dye gives variation that would be absent if just using paint. It takes a while to apply, but I just put on my headphones and listened to music. The whole process was very relaxing. Finishing the brick shown took me roughly 20 hours over 4 days. We get compliments constantly on how much people like the updated look!

Lindsay: Plano, Texas, USA

It's a little belated as I did the project in 2016, but I thought I'd share our home makeover. We used Old English Red + Tudor Brown, diluted to 1/3 strength (although I went over some bricks more than once to help with getting a variegated finish).

It's nice having the prettiest house on our street now!

Don & Connie: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

This is our 1980s house before using Dyebrick stain. I will send the "After" photo in a separate email.

We wanted to update the appearance of the brick by making it darker and more uniform.

The product was great, easy to use and the customer service was remarkable.

Thank you Dyebrick! Keep up the awesome work!!

Don and Connie

Paul: Hammersmith, London, England.

Our local planning office required our new extension to be 'aged' using Dyebrick products.

The job took 2 hours to complete and now matches perfectly with the older adjacent properties.

We thoroughly recommend this product for anyone wishing to match their offending bricks!

Andrew Altieri: Old Hickory, TN, USA.

I ordered your product on 03-04-2006, just thought you would like to see how it has held up after 11 years!

Very Happy.

Have a great day.


Maria: Angleton, Texas, USA

From old to new. We bought a fixer upper house. I've never heard of dying bricks before and knew I did not want to paint the brick. I just thought would it be great if I can stain these bricks like you would do floors since I hated the light pink color. I started doing some online research and came upon Dyebrick. I looked at the reviews and photos and was wowed. This Dyebrick (Old English Red) brought new life to the house, and is now a head turner. After following instructions on the first mixture, I diluted 1 1/2 times. So bright and beautiful. Reached Texas in two days, and shipping was free. Amazing. Thanks Dyebrick

Dary: Comanche, Texas, USA.

It's almost complete and it looks awesome!!!

I have attached several pictures during the process. All of the neighbors love it and people stop and ask what it is and where they can get it and I send them your direction.

I can't say enough good things about it and how it has updated our home, bringing it back to life and out of the 60's.

Thank you, Dary Boyd

John: Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England.

Dyebrick did a brilliant job of matching to a pale wall of Victorian bricks. We were able to match up the pale yellow colours and apply additional colours to make some modern red bricks disappear!

Aileen Chapman: Birmingham, UK

Having had several extensions over the years I was curious to see whether Dyebrick could help me tie in the many different colours of brick on my house. After trying a few samples I decided to use the 'classic brick red' colour at maximum dilution.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough. It was easy to use and although it took a long time it was very therapeutic and I feel that at long last we have a house that I can be proud of.

Kind regards, Aileen Chapman

Merrie: Kingwood, Texas, USA.

Used charcoal Dyebrick to turn old tan brick to a light charcoal modern look.

Janet: New Jersey, USA.

We used the Tudor Brown and I diluted it to the color that we liked we had the house re-sided from an ugly yellow to this lovely blue. The stone that was there was hideous but my husband was hesitant because he hates painted stone. I had the Dyebrick for a month because he was still unwilling to try it. One day while he was at work I went ahead and tried it with his okay, at first he still didn't like it but after doing the grout lines and seeing that the color varied from brick to brick, he now really likes it. As do my neighbors. I love it. We even used it to cover the ugly grout lines on the stairs until we're able to redo those so thank you again.

Janet in New Jersey

Jenny Clark: Victoria, Australia.

Hi, Love the product it has transformed our home. Our house just had a thread of cream bricks and corners in the cream brick. The house was built in the 1990's in Australian Federation Style a revival from early 1900's. I really didn't like the style of the bricks I think your brick dye really improves the look of the house. People have been stopping and asking me what product I am using. So hopefully word will spread about your product over here.

I can't thank you enough for your help.

Jenny Clark

Karen Hyman: Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA.

A big thank you to all of you at Dyebrick. I was quite taken aback when I realized that I would have to order this product from England! To anyone in the US, do not hesitate. The product arrived faster than expected. The functionality is unmatched and the technical support is super resourceful and fast, even with the time difference! I could not more highly recommend Dyebrick. This could be my greatest accomplishment of the year.

Karen Hyman

Nicola: Acklington, Northumberland, England.

This is the most amazing product, it has totally transformed our fireplaces, and is so easy to use, see the difference in just one day!

We used Mild Soot wash.

Aaron & Sarah: Layton, Utah, USA.

We are IN LOVE with this amazing product and I can't tell you how much we love the transformation it's made for our home. The neighbors (as are we!) are in AWE.

Thank you SO MUCH from Aaron and Sarah Cunningham.

Chris and Cheryl: Alberta, Canada.

Attached are photos using the charcoal stain; it looks great and we’ve had many compliments on the look and colour choice.

Milena: Syracuse, New York, USA

I received the rustic brown sample and applied it to the fireplace. Very happy with the results. I have placed an order for more to do the facade of our house. Thank you!!!

Beth: Bancroft, Iowa, USA

We really appreciate the support you provided to us.

I thought I would share our pictures of the finished house :)

Thanks for your help!


David: Clackmannan, Scotland, UK.

Just tinted the lower bricks at the front of the house, amazed at the outcome!

Sandra: Dayton, Ohio, USA

I repaired mortar on the front of my friend’s house. Some of the bricks had broken (2 had split), so had to fill with mortar. Thank goodness for Dyebrick. I bought a sample pot of the English Red Brick and one of Orange and blended them as needed to match different color bricks. The result is perfect! Thanks!

Joleen: Raleigh, NC, USA

We are redoing a mid-century modern ranch built in the 1960s. We originally had pinky-orange brick and now they are purply-gray to match our new stone patio. We love how the stain allows the flashing of the brick to come through and create a wonderful texture. Check out a progress shot and the final brick staining on the front. Ignore the yellow siding and white trim. They are going away soon. New cedar siding and French casement windows are next!

Thank You Dyebrick!

Stephane: Québec, Canada

These are images of my pink house transformation. I could not stand the color anymore. After multiple researches on the web, I chose Dyebrick. Wow never though it would be such a change!

I went from a faded pink house to one of the nicest on my street! OK got to say that I had a heavy textured brick and took 9 kits in all. I went for the full stain effect. More modern than the brown brick and grey mortar.

Thanks you for your good service.

Stephane from Québec Canada

Denise: Michigan, USA.


Your product is "The" best we have ever purchased. We used Dyebrick in May-June 2006, I didn't realize how long ago it's been! Time flies! Our neighbor also purchased Dyebrick and dyed their ugly old yellow house in 2007 to a beautiful brown (your Tudor Brown). Both of our homes are here in Michigan and have withstood all the weather changes. You know what they do say about Michigan...blink and the weather changes!

If I come across any before pics I will surly send them to you.. as of now? it still looks like we just did the work.

Sincerely, Denise. 16th April 2016

Drew: Ewing, New Jersey, USA.

Brick lightener then charcoal.

Thanks for an amazing product!


Iris: Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania, USA

We love the way our chimney looks now! It looks even better in person.

Here are some pictures of the work in progress and the chimney last night.

I am thinking about doing the front of the house now!

Vesna: Margate, Kent, England.

Dear Dyebrick,

I recently ordered a sample pot for our perfectly imperfect house.

We just wanted to say huge thank you as we truly are over the moon! This is by far the best spent £10 possible, thank you.

Many thanks once again.


Jonny Martin: London, England.

Please find attached photos of our new kitchen/dining room extension. The wall, treated with Dyebrick Brick-Age (3x dilution), is made from reclaimed Yellow London Stock bricks. Everyone who sees it thinks it's an original Victorian wall, as it matches the exterior of the house.

Kind regards, Jonny Martin

Deb & Steve: Verona, Wisconsin, USA

Our home was built by my husband's parents in 1964. We had some landscaping done which included replacing the retaining wall. I chose the stone, but once the wall was complete I did not like it with the brick on the house. After some research, I discovered Dyebrick and based on reviews, decided to try it. We ordered a sample pot and happy with the results, ordered three Rustic Brown kits. My daughter helped me apply it and while it was somewhat tedious, so worth it! We only used two of the kits. The house looks more updated and I am finally happy with the way it looks with the retaining wall.

Jim and Patty: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Here are our before, during, and after photos from our project that we undertook this summer to stain the entire exterior of our 2200 sq ft. all brick single story home. After many long hours we completed the project yesterday! We used a total of 12 pots of 25% diluted Old English Red. We've received many compliments from our neighbors. Many neighbors who we have never actually met pull over their cars and get out to ask us what product we are using and to tell us how good they think it looks. Needless to say we're very pleased with the results. Thank you DyeBrick!

Jim and Patty Bishop

Andy: Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, USA.

Here are my pictures for the 2015 win a camera competition. Thank you for such an awesome product!

John Van Schijndel: Stoke on Trent, England.

Very pleased with result and a very good match for colour to the engineering bricks I needed to match; especially considering the common bricks had layers of paint on them which had to be removed. I re-pointed the mortar after colouring the bricks.

Duncan: Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England.

Dear Dyebrick, here are some pictures from before and after painting the bricks of a side extension. The problem I had was tying in an old building with a new extension. Not only were the bricks a different colour but also a different texture. I would definitely recommend getting a couple of the tester pots. We got the red and the Tudor brown. With the occasional brick painted in the red we started on the brown. The easiest way for us was for my wife to stand at a distance and tell me which brick to paint in the neat solution. Once an area was completed I would water down to the first dilution and start again on different bricks. Once I went to the next dilution it was just a case of painting the rest of the bricks.

It is a real task but you can see from the pictures that the result is worth the effort, our house is now one.

Chad: Morris, Illinois, USA.

Just wanted to thank you again for your help and for the amazing product. My wife and I did our fireplace with it a couple weeks ago and we loved it so much that we ended up doing our whole house this past weekend. It turned out very nice and will definitely be recommending your product to all that inquire! We have gotten several compliments already about how rich it made the house look. I'll send you a few pics. Thanks! Chad

Dan Smith: Woking, Surrey, England.

Hi there,

Over the past few weeks we have bought some sample pots from you and have been experimenting with a range of colours to try to match in the new bricks with the old. We thought you might want some before and after pictures to see how successful it's been. Thank you very much as well for sending a couple of free sample pots during the order process. I would highly recommend your product and service.

Dan Smith, Woking

Christopher McGinness: Mayfield Heights, Ohio, U.S.A.

Attached are some before, during and after pictures of my brick dyeing project. Dyebrick was easy to mix and use and we are very pleased with the results!

Thomas Kenrick: Wells, Somerset, England.

I got the sample, it did a great job I wasn't expecting it to go so far, I will definitely use you again!

Nate and Gina: Utah, USA.

...So, I started with changing the brick. There are only a few options when it comes to changing bricks. You can rock over them. Pricey. You can remove and replace them with new bricks. Pricey. You can paint them. Ugly. Or, you can stain them. Never heard of that? Neither had I! But I thought about it one day last year and decided it would be a great way to change the brick color if I could find a brick stain. Well, I did some research (thank you the internet) and found a company in England that makes a stain specifically for brick! How lucky is that!? So, I ordered some Dyebrick samples...

Janice Stefan: Canada

From beige to charcoal. Less than $100 and a few hours transformed our home! Thank you DyeBrick!

Maria: Ealing, London.

Following a big mistake choosing yellow bricks instead of red! ...I thought our only option was to either render or use masonry paint to cover up the offending bricks.

Luckily we saw Dyebrick on a DIY program on TV and saw exactly the same problem being put right with their brick dyes! We used two kits blended together (Classic Red & Warm Orange). It took us 1 day to complete, with great results and cost less than £100. Thanks for a great product!

Jenny Long: Leoti, Kansas, USA.

I ordered the supplies from Dyebrick. After looking at their color panels we decided we would try staining our brick Rustic Brown. Starting out we ordered a Sample Pot which is roughly $11.00 plus shipping. Once the sample pot arrived and we tried it out in an conspicuous area we were ready to order enough for the front of our house. We then ordered the Brick Tinting Kit which is around $55.00 plus shipping. With no dilution the Brick Tinting Kit is 20fl.oz which can cover 162.5 sq.ft.

We ordered 2 and had some stain leftover. It took us around 15 hours to do the front of the house. If you have someone helping you, the time could be cut almost in half. It does take some time since you must stain one brick at a time. The stain is permanent and is guaranteed to last a lifetime so it is definitely worth your time. We are 100% satisfied!

Abba and Thomas: Portland, Oregon. USA.

Here is the before and after..... Brick was kind of muddy yellowish clay color kind of drab and icky but thanks to Dyebrick now it looks rich and natural slightly reddish variegated brown brick color and it made the mortar stand out beautifully as you can see: it is a superb product, we highly recommend it, my wife did it herself it was easy if you are patient and good with detail. Note we also repainted the wood stove and that really helped.

God save the Queen!

Angie Poll: South Weber, UT, USA.

"Dyebrick is an amazing product. I'm 100% satisfied with the outcome of my brick. I've had many people stop by and comment about how nice my house looks since changing the color. Also, Dyebrick has the most outstanding customer service I've ever encountered! I'm so glad I found this wonderful company and this great product. I feel like I have a new house."

Mark Whitehead: San Diego, California, USA.

The change is amazing..I colored interior and exterior pinkish, rough concrete block.



Giles Pittman: London Borough of Sutton

My nightmare building problem was how to repair the drive pillar and end section of a residence’s twenty-five year old wall, which had been hit by a car. To replace the whole wall in new brick was simply unaffordable. Worse still, it was made from red-purple bricks with mottled age markings of which there was no modern equivalent: they had been fired to a non-standard size: and the wall’s colour was balanced with those of neighbouring properties that formed part of an historic grade 1 conservation feature!

I contacted every brick merchant worth his salt from the north to the south of England but the brick could not be matched. The house owner was well-informed and very particular, and would not accept a compromise. After four months of fruitless research, the situation was becoming testing. This is when a bricklayer recommended Dyebrick to me, having seen the results during a well-known BBC building & renovation series.

Dyebrick were personable and helpful from the start, going to exceptionally patient lengths to help me isolate the dye colour blends and brush techniques that would achieve a precise match. I was also carefully advised to choose new bricks with the correct surface texture and match the mortar style. Thus, despite my incredulous disbelief, new yellow bricks were used to re-build the wall and pillar, and each layer of brush-applied Dyebrick worked its transforming magic until the wall looked exactly like it had done before the accident. Quite incredible! And the material cost was a fraction of a rebuild.

I am sure there are many building situations where Dyebrick is the only viable option. My heartfelt gratitude to the Dyebrick team and their amazing products.

Yours sincerely,

Giles Pittman

Caitlin Weber: St. Louis Park, Minnesota, USA.

I am so happy to say that I am finally done with staining the brick on the front of the house and I am very pleased with the results. When I told people my plan for staining the brick, I got a lot of crazy looks and comments about how tedious of a job it would be. Well, it was indeed very, VERY tedious and with confidence I can say: brick staining is NOT for the faint of heart.

My story begins with some ugly yellow brick that comes with the late 40's house package. Needless to say, I was not feeling it and wanted to do something about it while maintaining the integrity and texture of the brick style (meaning: no painting).

What most people don't know is that brick, like any stone, is really porous, so it absorbs masonry stain really well. You may have heard of dying cement or staining concrete floors and stone. This is no different.

After doing some research I decided to go with Dyebrick out of the U.K. I was impressed with the look of their product and decided to order a few samples to test it out. I ordered two sample pots: Mocha and Tudor Brown. The shipping was really fast and only took about a week to get to my house........

Most people think that I was crazy to attempt this but it was so worth the time and effort. Check out the finished product!

Jonathan: Pershore, Worcester, England.

We did it the other way around...we matched our old brick to the new!

Your product was fantastic.

All the neighbours are impressed!

Kind regards, Jonathan

Clark and Krystal: New Baden, Illinois, USA.

My husband and I bought our house because of the potential and great price. We didn't like the look of the out-dated blonde brick facing, but as newlyweds, the rest of the house was perfect for the price. When we decided to stain the brick, people thought it would be hard and look cheap. Finding DyeBrick, however, gave us a beautiful finish in just a weekend. The application was easy and the result was natural-looking red brick. For this project, we used Old English Red with the original dilution and 2x dilution to get a variation in the finished color.

Thanks for providing such a great product and improving the look of our house!

Clark and Krystal

Kristin: New York, USA.

I just wanted to thank you for your expert advice. I finished the project this weekend and am so impressed with the results.

I wasn't expecting it to look this great. The color was a perfect match...some bricks needed multiple coats because the lime/efflorescence was so dense.

Wonderful product and will order again if needed in the future.

Nisha: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Thank you Dyebrick. You made my backyard look magical!

Your customer support was so helpful. Can't wait to complete rest of the house.

Thanks you - Nisha from New Orleans USA

Heather Tyson: Brecksville, Ohio, USA.

You guys have a really good product! I have attached a couple of photos of our project.....we mixed Tudor Brown and Old English Red at 1:1 ratio, using the first dilution.

Ross Johnson: Canberra, Australia.

I'd never heard of staining bricks before. Googling it, I found a few companies in Australia that provide a professional service but will not sell the materials for DIY, and eventually I came across Dyebrick's UK web site, which offered DIY kits, a very flexible product, sample pots, advice, made it look easy, and offered no fuss worldwide delivery.

I emailed Dyebrick for advice on how I might stain all the bricks to match the darkest brown bricks in the wall. That more or less summarises my expectations at that time.

Dyebrick soon replied suggesting a mix of two of their colours, which opened up more options for me that I had not considered and raised my expectations. I decided to try to match the bluestone in the 1880 walls instead. I ordered a selection of sample pots (charcoal, yellow stock, old english red for another project and the lightener) via the free delivery option expecting to see them in several weeks. I was therefore very pleasantly surprised to see them arrive after just 5 days. If this was typical it would fit perfectly with my schedule of working on the project over weekends only....

Neil: Cadeby, Leicestershire, England.

Many thanks for a great product!


Mark Reid: Cobham, England.

The bricks on our new extension had too many dark blueish bricks. Dyebrick helped us choose the best warm-red orange colour to blend our extension in perfectly! We used 3 Tinting Kits for our project, amazing results for under £150!

Eric & Jennifer Keith: Portland, TN, USA

Just wanted to send pics of our before and after.

Bought home, but hated brick color.

We used Charcoal, diluted twice.

We love it.

Paul: Buckinghamshire, England.

“DyeBrick is just awesome! I have shown the photographs to my friends and family and they cannot believe the difference it has made to the appearance of the property! Excellent and very highly recommended. Thank you again, Dyebrick”. – Paul, Buckinghamshire.

Connie Wheeler: Romford, Essex, England.

Just had to send a quick e-mail to say how very pleased I was with your product. After months of walking up to my front door and cringing about the way our brickwork looked I was overjoyed with the result.

Its a joy walking up to the front door now.

We have already sung your praises and will continue to do so as we cannot recommend Dyebrick enough!

Tom: Wimbledon, England.

“A huge thank you to the Dyebrick team for all of your help and advice! Our new wall that was proving to be a bit of an eyesore now blends in seamlessly with its surroundings and looks like it has been in place for years! A fantastic product that has surpassed our expectations, made even better by the fact that even amateurs such as myself can achieve the results seen.”

Jon Drew: Houston, Texas. USA

Hi, my name is Jon and I bought your Dyebrick product a few months ago. First I was impressed have fast it was shipped over seas to me. Then I was amazed at how well the dye works. I truly recommend it to all that has bricks. Thank for making such a great product!

Jon Drew

Houston Texas


Ginnie Wade: Michigan, USA

"In our old house we came to the point where we needed a new roof and new t-1-11 or siding. We really hated our brick color though and didn't want to try to match up siding and roof colors to the hideous brick. There aren't a lot of cheap options though: rebrick (not in our budget), paint it (in our budget but I think it doesn't look good and that is just my personal humble opinion) So I started doing some research online when I ran across this product called Dyebrick. Sounds like a daunting project to hand stain each brick by hand?....The results were amazing though and we LOVED it! In fact it didn't even look like the same house."

Camile and Stuart: Hackney, London. U.K.

Dear Dyebrick,

Just to let you know how pleased we both are with your product. Our neighbours have commented on how good they look too!

Thanks for everything.

Camile & Stuart

Neil: Worthing, West Sussex, England.

"We used a 50/50 blend of Dyebrick's Rustic Brown and Classic Brick Red to complete the transformation that you can see in our pictures. What a fantastic product you guys have made..."

David Lewis: Oxford, England.

"The overall effect is terrific - everyone who sees it thinks I built a new fireplace.

Thanks, David"

Colin: Blackheath, London, England.

Dyebrick was specified by the local planning office. We were really pleased that Dyebrick was able to resolve our planning issues!

Laura Mount: New Jersey, USA.

"My husband had little faith when I told him about dye-brick and was floored by the results. Our house looks brand new! We even did it on the outside of the fireplace."

Thank you, Laura Mount, New Jersey

Stuart: Conwy, Wales.

Having found you product, I was able to match my extension perfectly. I used your Yellow Stock and the Khaki for my project. Thanks for a fantastic product!

Richard Day: Woodbridge, Suffolk, England.

Thank you Dyebrick, I am so happy with your product!

The new brickwork around the top floor window blends in perfectly with the old darker brickwork, it's hard to see that any work has been done up there now!

It worked so well I ordered some Warm Orange to add to the Classic Brick Red and had a go at an old water stain on my neighbours property. I spent a couple of hours working on the water stain and the results were very effective!


Andria: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

I can't get over how great this product worked on the brick of my house. I live in South Philly in PA, USA - and the people I bought my house from had tried to cover the brick with cement and ruined it! They then tried to take it off and it was just a mess. We had tried all sorts of cleaners and chemicals and then I found this and the outcome was amazing! And it was rather inexpensive and only took me two mornings - and luckily they were great days so it was nice for me too.

Every neighbor who walked by was amazed...

Karen Bramall: Romsey, Hampshire, England.

When we moved into our house as much as we loved the idea of having an open fire, we couldn't quite get used to how imposing the red brick fireplace was. The house only having been built ten years ago it didn't have any charm to the brickwork, in fact it looked more like an outside wall and the size of it meant that you couldn't not look at it!

I contemplated various ideas to change it and am so glad I came across Dyebrick as the end result is just fantastic, you truly cannot tell that it was ever red brick and people are amazed when I tell them it's not real Cotswold stone. It was a bit of a labour of love, with each brick having several treatments to give it an authentic look but SO worth it! It is now a beautiful feature not an eyesore and the whole room looks lighter and larger now.

The team at Dyebrick were so helpful, recommending different colour finishes and telling me how to apply them to get the desired effect at various stages throughout the job.

Many Thanks:)

Karen Bramall, Romsey, Hants

Goulin Zhao: Mantattan, Kansas. USA

Thank you again. Your products and services are wonderful. The bricks of my house have a beautiful brown color after I used your kits. Guolin

Simon Belton: Lutterworth, England.

Your product is fantastic. We had lived with this eyesore for over 10 years. Our builder told us it would weather in, but it seemed to get worse! Your Dyebrick product literally offered the magical solution! Thank you.

Shaun Mathews: Walsall, West Midlands, England.

We are thrilled with Dyebrick! One kit of 'Rustic Brown' produced this match and it was completed within 3 hours!

Janis: Hillsboro, Oregon. USA

Before and after pictures of my fireplace - we used old English red. It had used brick, so the color is still variegated but the fireplace looks so much better. The mortar shows up better. Love your product. It was easy to use.

Erica: Norwich, England.

Wow!!! I'm absolutely amazed, and delighted with your product...Loving it!

John: Whitley Bay

We were so happy to find your product! Our house looks whole again!

Jessica Morris: Philadelphia, PA, USA.

We are very pleased with the product!!

application was easy and it looks great!

Maureen and Roger: Prudhoe, Northumberland. U.K.

"We are delighted with the outcome of our brick dyeing experience. We were able to cover up all the mortar stains and mess that were on the bricks. We used your Dark Plum colour and the Classic Brick Red.

Thank you Dyebrick!

Maureen and Roger"

John Norton: Leicester, England.

I have used the brick dye as instructed with great results and I am very pleased, my drive looks good at last. I am enclosing some pics so you can use them to show what can be done with paver problems. Thanks again, John Norton.

Stuart and Gina: Aylesbury, England.

Dear Dyebrick, Thank you for your assistance in our choice of colour, your Brick-Age was perfect!

Bob Newitt: Lutterworth, England

I would like to express my thanks to your company for the outstanding customer care shown to me at the time of investigating just what was required to resolve a problem. It could not have been better. I would go as far as to say probably the best of any company I have dealt with. Job very well done.

Thanks again, Bob Newitt.

Julian: Abingdon, Oxford, England.

We were delighted with the results from your fabulous product! We would also like to thank you for all your help with our restoration project.

Best wishes, Julian Masters.

James Evans: Wallington, Greater London.

We were so pleased when we found your product! We were able to enhance the window arch brick details perfectly using your Classic Brick Red Tinting Kit.

James Evans, Wallington.

Jodi Rochowiak: Midwest, USA

I just wanted to share our completed fireplace with you. We are beyond happy with the results! What a difference in the room your product made. The old brick added such a coolness to the room that I disliked so much. Now, the room has warmth and the fireplace is a focal point in the room that we embrace. We used Dyebrick in Old English Red and Rustic Brown. The whole process was quite easy, but tedious, which I expected it to be somewhat. It was definitely worth every minute I spent working on it. We have received countless compliments on the transformation. I am so happy I found your product. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a way to change the appearance of their existing brick!

Thank you,Jodi Rochowiak

Roy and Jan: Ashford, Kent, England.

We had our roof cleaned by a contractor, but their process removed all the colour from our roof!

Dyebrick came to our rescue! We are so pleased with the result. Thanks again...Roy and Jan.

Ivan: Bethersden, Kent, England.

"I recently purchased your product 'Brick Age' and used it to age the reclaimed bricks used in the construction of our recently discovered well. Our house was built in 1750, and the well had been filled in years ago. We built it to what we believed to be the original specification, but the bricks just did not look right. We purchased your product, and the results are absolutely amazing, as you can see from the attached photographs, before, during and after.

A great product, and such a fast service, thank you. Regards Ivan"

Owain Evans: London, England.

"Just wanted to thank you for very helpful friendly service, very prompt delivery and a great product. We live in a conservation area and the council wouldn't approve planning because of mismatched roof tiles. Brick Age was excellent for the purpose and the job was easy to complete and very effective."

Carolyn: Spring, Texas, USA.

"We have completed our house with the Rustic Brown color and it is nothing short of gorgeous! We can't believe it's the same house! We have had many compliments and much interest in your product....."

Keith and Joanna: Peterlee, Co.Durham, England.

"Thank you, Dyebrick. I have to say the bricks match beautifully, before this I could not stand looking at them, we will recommend you to friends and neighbours. Joanna"

Kerry: Sheffield, England.

"The product is amazing i purchased my new home in January 2010 which had a second storey extension built without matching the bricks. I found it an absolute eye sore. Not as of today, as it now looks brilliant Thank you"

Helen Lee: Staffordshire, England.

"My dyebrick tester pot showed up and my god it’s brilliant! Putting it on neat was slightly too dark and diluting it 50/50 slightly too light but somewhere in between and it’s going to colour the yellow bricks perfectly. Went straight home and ordered a full kit!"

Lloyd Taylor: Swindon, England.

We are a Garage Conversion Company (Dracom) and we used Dyebrick to great effect on a recent job. The results were amazing!

Regina: Nederland, Texas, USA.

We purchased this house and knew that we did not like the brick color. I was thrilled to find your product, it has truly transformed this home. The neighbors are in disbelief at how professional it looks, and comment that it looks "like it was red brick originally". Others drive by and slow down to get a double look - awesome product! Thanks! Regina

Brian: Allen, Texas. USA

"I hated how boring and BLAH and ugly the house was. So I did a little research and found this great product made in England called DyeBrick. It is a permanent stain for brick and you can mix and match your own colors. They use it in England when repair work or additions are made on old brick buildings. It is easy to use and very inexpensive.

For a little elbow grease and about $125, my house went from gray brick, to this...."

John: Ottowa, Ontario, Canada

We have used your product in the past we really love the results!

I am sending the front of the house before and after.

Thanks again such a fabulous product!


Phil Smith: Bromsgrove, Birmingham, England.

"As promised, here are the photos of the Birmingham Road project. The black dye (Charcoal) really did work well!

Regards, Phil"

Andy and Joan: York, England.

"We are delighted with what your product achieved... Thank you."

Nathalie and Patrick: Andover, Kansas, USA.

"I love this stuff!!!!!! I helped a friend/client stain the brick on her home last weekend and had so much fun. I am a realtor in Wichita, KS, USA. This home has been on the market for 6 months and is absolutely beautiful with the exception of the brick. After applying your product, I am so anxious to see how fast this home sells.I am so pleased with the product and the process...."

Colin: Chislehurst, Kent, England.

"Our roofer used your Brick-Age product to blend in the lighter tiles to match the originals. We are thrilled with the results and would like to recommend your product to anyone having similar problems matching their tiles...."

Sebastian: Denmark Hill, London. England.

"Thank you Dyebrick!!...I am so impressed with the way your Classic Brick-Red was able to cover my old lime staining problem!"

Gary Mellard: Sheffield, England.

"Thank you Dyebrick for assisting me with my colour choice. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the result was truly dramatic. Please see attached photos!"

Gary Mellard

Colin and Norma: Weymouth, Dorset, England.

"We are so happy with the results achieved using your product. It was easy to use and produce a real natural appearance. We would certainly have no hesitation in recommending your products and thanks again for your helpful assistance with our project!"

Colin and Norma

Jeff Oddo: Cheektowaga, New York, USA.

"Outstanding product. Makes my house look new. Hated the white brick....Thanks !!"

Colin: Chislehurst, Kent. England.

"When our new extension was built the bricks were too red and a darker shade. So we decided that it would be easier to tint the original house with Dyebrick Old English Red. This produced a more natural and pleasing result and we are thrilled with the result!"

Vickie: Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England.

"I ordered a sample pot of Old English Red and your Classic Brick Red and mixed them together and added a Fixing Agent Pot. This produced a lovely match for some ugly repairwork I had around my pipes.

I am so thrilled with the results....please see my photographs!......"

Jacqueline: Harrow, London, England.

"We had a contractor use your 'Brick-Age' product on our home. We are thrilled with the transformation and would have no hesitation in recommending Dyebrick to others seeking to enhance their brickwork."

Robert Laird: Sevenoaks, Kent, England

"Joining up the 1911 house with the 1960s garage was never going to be a 'one brick matches all' solution. Of course, a bit of power cleaning, re-pointing and new coping stones has helped but 'Dyebrick' tinting, especially on the garage wall has produced a spectacular result.

Thank you."

Chris Everson: London, England.

"Great product, fab results and easy to use!"

Robert Mill: McLean, Virginia, USA.

"Thanks for such an excellent product, 1st class service and order turnaround. See attached some pics from my project..."

Robert ordered 1 x Warm Orange Tinting Kit

Dyebrick brick stain is perfect for all fireplaces as it is odourless, will not peel or flake and is completely fire retardant.

Colin: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

"I am a builder and often find it dificult to source bricks. Your products are a real aid to me. Please see my photos and thanks again for your assistance and speedy despatch times.


Liz and Mike Dunkley: Milton Keynes, Bucks. England

We were always unhappy with the washed-out look of our feature bricks and were just about to start painting them with a red 'step paint'. when a neighbour mentioned your product she had heard of on the radio. We are so happy with the results as it has produced a completey natural look. Please see attached photos for your interest.

Thank you so much..

Liz and Mike

Danette Jennings: Marshall, VA, USA.

I just wanted to send you a quick follow-up note to thank you for a wonderful product and for directing me to the color that ended up being perfect for my fireplace.

To most it's a very subtle change but to me and my husband it makes all the difference in the world. The color now blends in perfectly with my home. The grout lines are more visible which gives the overall appearance a much more attractive and clean look. I couldn’t be more pleased!

I’m sending you a couple before-during-after pictures so you can see for yourself. I hadn’t completed the hearth in the pix but you’ll get the idea.

Anyway, thanks again and have a wonderful holiday season!

- Danette

Kirsten: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Last weekend I knocked out a project I have been dying to do since we moved in a month ago. As a double shotgun, our house has a five (yes, 5!) fireplaces. None of them are actually functional, but three still have exposed brick on the first floor. Unfortunately, the one in the living room was a weird shade of orangey-red. I can handle red, but the orange truly looked awful next to our grey walls. After quite a bit of research, I found the UK-based company, Dyebrick.

Dyebrick offers 10 different colors and is made so that you can apply the product in varying strengths. Meaning you can either use it full-strength or dilute the heck out of it so that you’re pre-existing brick shows through as much as possible. I went with the “charcoal” color and did a full dilution so that I would have as much product as possible because I only ordered one kit.

As you can see, our fireplace still needs a bit of love– I need to find a grill cover and accessorize the mantle– but the change in color is a big improvement.

Steve Calver: Rushden, Northamptonshire, England

Here are some pictures of an extention that I used Dyebrick on.

You did a great job of matching the colours.

Please use the pictures on your website if you want to.

Kind regards, Steve Calver

Keith: Chatham, England.

"Not able to match our house brick for the new extension, I set about tinting the bricks using Dyebrick's charcoal tint. This was my first attempt at colouring bricks but with clear and helpful advice from Dyebrick and a fantastic product, I was able to achieve a superb result as the picture shows".

Donald Thompson: Durham, England.

I must thank you for your fantastic product! and excellent help with my colour choice after emailing you photos of my brick.

I am thrilled with the results and will recommend your product whenever possible.

Sincerely, Donald Thompson

Greg and Pat Hodge: Coatesville, PA, USA.

"We wanted to lighten our brick but did not want to ruin $10,000 worth of original brick facing by painting it. Dyebrick allowed us to brighten the face without taking the irreversible step of painting it...

We love the brand new look that your product has given our home."

Will & Sylvia Cleary: Warington, Cheshire, England.

We would like to thank you very much for all the help regarding our above order, together with the efficient way the materials were despatched to us.

After living for some years with a large mismatched brick extension on our victorian house,and not knowing quite how we could make changes to improve the appearance, we are delighted with the result obtained with your brick tinting kit.

This is nothing short of amazing, and we are very pleased with it. The product was easy to use, and the instructions were clear and helpful.

We have no hesitation in recommending Dyebrick to others wishing to improve brickwork on buildings similar to ours, and were so glad that, after searching for some time, we found a product that could make such a difference.

Best regards, Will & Sylvia Cleary

Joan James: Stirling Heights, MI, USA

I wanted to write to tell you how pleased I am with my new fireplace. I used the orange, yellow and lightner tints and then used a sea sponge to make the brick look "used" or older.

I have attached some photos of my old brown fireplace and the finished product.

I have gotten so many compliments. Thank you so much!

Joan James,

Stirling Heights, MI, USA

Andrew Altieri: Old Hickory, TN, USA.

"Just wanted to show my finished job. GREAT product!!"

Andrew chose Old English Red for his project.

Alison Bougard: Winchester, England

Many thanks for your Dyebrick consultation. The scaffolding is finally down and we can see the final results!

As the photos remind us, the extension at the front of our house was built in orange brick rather than the original 1930's brownish purple and was totally out of balance. Now we have painted the bricks only the discerning eye would recognise the join. The Dyebrick has connected the old to the new, giving the impression of one building.

I started off by watering down the solution until I personally gained some confidence in using the product. I applied between 2 and 5 coats to achieve an overall colour balance across the whole building. Applying the Dyebrick was easy and I quickly remembered your advice not to put too much dye on the brush to prevent running!

I hope you enjoy viewing the results of our transformation. Please feel free to use the photos on your website. Many thanks again for your help and for producing such a remarkable product that really has transformed our home!

Best regards, Alison Bougard, Winchester, England 31st May 2007

Stacy Laumann: Muskego, WI, USA.

I would like to thank you for your product. My mother had a fireplace that was closed up for years. I found your dye online, asked a few questions and ordered the product. When trying something new, I was a little nervous of the outcome. I cannot say enough for your wonderful product. I was thrilled with the results. My mother can enjoy her fireplace once again, as well as show it off to others. I have enclosed a picture of the fireplace as it was being worked on to see the incredible difference!! I have been talking about your product to everyone I know!

Thank you,

Stacy Laumann,

Muskego, WI

Ismail: Surrey, England.

"I had a contractor apply your Dyebrick Charcoal to my brickwork. We are so happy with the results achieved, please see the attached photos".

Joan Cox: Ohio, USA

It is FABULOUS! We have brick facing that had been glazed a horrid white color (obviously a product of the late 1960's) and the Old English Red Dyebrick used at full strength, 3:1 and 2:1 has produced amazing results! I would highly recommend your product. It is easy to mix and apply and your shipping time time can't be beat! I received my product about 5 days from placing my onine order. Thank you for a quality product that is easy to use. It has completely changed and improved the curb appeal of our home!


Joan Cox,

Ohio, USA

S. Wunduke: Geneva, Florida, USA.

"I wanted to send you a few photos of the work we did on our home here in Florida using the Dyebrick.

We used a mix of 50% Old English Red and 50% Rustic Brown to dye the brick.

We had wonderful results and wanted to share the photos with you.

Hope you like the photos..."

Ryan McInerney: Tampa, Florida, USA

Just wanted to share some pictures of our house during it's various stages of completion and the finished project. I wanted to mention a few things too.

1. Your product is superior in quality and ease of application.

2. Your staff was very knowledgeable and responsive with questions I had during the project.

3. The instructions included in the kits were clear and easy to understand making this project much easier.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone considering this type of project.

Ryan McInerney

Tampa, FL

Alex & Nina: Wirral, UK

"We are just writing to say how delighted we have been with our Dyebrick experience.

We wanted to try and age the brick so surfed the web and came across your product and chose the Old English Red dye to hopefully give us an aged brick look.

Application was very easy. Using the product at it's full strength we randomly dyed about half of the bricks. Then added a 1/4 litre of more water to the remaining solution and dyed the remaining bricks"

Jennifer Schnoebelen: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA.

WOW! Your product is great. I used it on a chimney that had been behind plaster for 105 years. Dyebrick was extremely easy to use and went on quickly. You would never suspect that the lovely old red bricks were originally plain gray.

Jennifer Schnoebelen: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Mick & Sandra: Rotherham, England

"Thank you Dyebrick for such a great product! We used your Rustic Brown Kit (one) to disguise this complete mismatch that our builder said would 'weather down'!"

David Gunn: Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, UK

"I was very pleased the way this product performed. I needed to alter the colour of newly repointed mortar joints.

I have attached photos of before and after.

Thank you once again.


Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, UK

Dennis Perry: New York, NY, USA

Attached a photo of our fireplace which was just refinished with your product.

You can see what a great difference it made!!

Thanks, again, folks.

We are most pleased.

- Dennis Perry, NY, USA.

Hall Irby: Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Our builder used Dyebrick products to blend in a poorly matched bricked-up window.

We are so pleased with the way it camouflaged the original poor workmansip. Thank you for an excellent product.

Hall & Lou Irby

Atlanta, GA

John: Northants, England

The brick company told us about your product..thank goodness! Your product was easy to apply and the instructions were detailed and easy to follow. We would also like to thank your technical team for assisting us in our choice of colour.

John, Northants, England

Martin: Buckingham, England

I contacted you last year but held back as I had other projects to deal with. I was told at the time that if I sent you pictures of my extension, then you would be able to send me an accurate Dye match with instructions. The type of brick was a Hanson Red Rustic, it has vertical zig zag lines, there was a Rustic Antique available which was a darker colour perhaps that's were the building went wrong!

Following your visit to my property, I must say how pleased I am with the colour match you created. I found it easy to apply (following the tips you gave me!) though I had to be very careful due to the zig zags.

Thanks again!


Marcus: South Shields, Tyne & Wear.

Please find attached photos as requested, I am so happy with the results from your product, thanks again for your help and constructive advice."



South Shields, Tyne & Wear.

Christina Gutierrez: Lakeland, Florida, USA.

I am absolutely thrilled with your product. It is very easy to use and is completely changing the look of our home. I am half way done and can't wait to see the finished product. Thank you!

Christina Gutierrez

Lakeland, FL

Mark Hayley: Stevenage: England

Thank you for all your help and for sending me exactly what I needed to match the mortar for a small porch wall (from grey to a sandy yellow). Attached is a before and after photo. Kind regards, Mark

Jed: Bedford, England.

My own job was an extension and loft conversion where we raised the ridge by about a metre. That left the top part of the gables a different colour to the original bricks. The only bricks I could find that were close in texture and shape were virtually white where our bricks are a creamy yellowey orange sort of colour. With Dybrick you make a base colour and you buy small pots of fixer which you mix with water. We used base colour plus 3 mixer pots which made up about a gallon of liquid. It goes a long way. That gallon did about 30 square metres and we still have about a third of it left. I started by painting it on brick by brick and ended up spraying it on with a garden sprayer. The walls and gables have blended in perfectly, The only place it's visible is the top of the chimney which is a bit off because the original part of the chimney was slightly darkened by smoke from the log fire. But even then people can only see it when I point it out to them.

James: Whitley Bay, England.

We used a blend of Tudor Brown, and Brick-Age to match our new extension. We are thrilled with the results and all done for about £100!

Thank you Dyebrick!

Allison: Tavistock, Devon, England.

Hello Dyebrick, I dyed my brick using two sample pots, just as you suggested. The blend of Tudor Brown and Rustic Brown worked perfectly. Thank you so much.

Ron & Jean: Clacton-on-Sea, England.

We never liked the pale yellow bricks on our bungalow. We are so pleased with what Dyebrick has enabled us to achieve!

We used 3 x 'Warm Orange' Brick Tinting Kits to produce a colour we truly love.

Thank you Dyebrick!

Claire and Alan: Canterbury, England.

We used Dyebrick 'Warm Orange' to enhance our faded brick fireplace.

It was easy to use and apply and took us about 4 hours to complete.

Thank you for a wonderful product!


Annie: Chichester, England.

This tiny cottage is very close to my heart and we have done all we could possibly to renovate it from being in a terrible mess to become a home while retaining all the history and features ... for posterity.

This inglenook was a daunting prospect as the original paints used had really destroyed the whole thing and without Peelaway 7 I would have been desperate, as one cannot sand blast such a fragile area (or sand blast ANY area in a treasure like this)

To know there is a product like Dyebrick out there that can help us "lift" this little Black Hole of Calcutta into a pleasant sight to behold while not tarting it up to look false and modern is very encouraging. We have now completed our fireplace using the Dyebrick colours you suggested and we are thrilled with the results!

Samantha Davanport: Chelsea, London, England.

I used your Yellow Stock Kit and Khaki Sample pot for the mortar. The results were truly amazing ~ a real focal point!

Mrs Davis: Haslemere, Surrey, England.

Clearly the Conservation Officer and Planning Officer were both most impressed by the result of your brick treatment to the house and I am very pleased to say that they have approved the brick dye method. This is a huge weight off my mind.

Mike Fordham: Maidstone, Kent, England

The top of my gable did not have enough darker bricks, so I added a few using Dyebrick's Brick Age product.

This has transformed the wall and now it looks like how it should have been built! All for less than £50...thank you Dyebrick!

Tuqeer: Yardley, Birmingham, England.

Thank you so much for helping me choose my colours.

I had real problems sourcing the right bricks and the neighbours were not happy.

Birmingham Council Planning Dept. recommended your product and they have now approved my extension!

Ellen Paul: Bethesda, Maryland, USA

This is a GREAT PRODUCT and very easy to use. We just stained a small brick pier but my husband now wants to stain the entire house.
Next year, I told him. Next year.

Nick: Ashtead, Surrey, England.

Bricks look good! Thanks for all your help with the colour choice.

Kind regards,


Tony Lilley: Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England

Hi, I bought 2 test kits from you Warm Orange and Rustic Brown. This is all I needed to disguise bricks that had been replaced when I had 2 gas fire balanced flues removed. They weren't used anymore and just looked an eye sore. Anyway the man who replaced the bricks couldn't get matching ones so just used plain London type bricks which is in an orange-brown textured brick wall. These also stood out badly. I looked for something on the internet and came up with your company. The brick dye works perfectly. We are really pleased. It's hard to tell which are the replaced bricks unless you look hard at them. So thank you again for making this amazing stuff. The 2 test kits is all we needed. Best wishes, Tony Lilley

Malcolm: Raunds, Northamptonshire, England.

We used your Mild Soot Wash to age our bricks with a proportion of 'Tudor Brown'. Thank you for such a brilliant product! Malc. Here are my photos...

Rosalind: Carlisle, Cumbria, England.

I have now finished the porch.

From a distance you cannot tell it is a different colour.

I have now no intentions of demolishing it and I am going to order a new door & window later on in the year to smarten the front of the house up!

Malc: Solihull, Birmingham, England.

I had a couple of new extensions added over the years. I was told by each builder that the bricks would 'weather in' over time and would eventually blend in.

After many years this certainly did not happen.

It was with great relief that I came across Dyebrick's brick dyeing kit. This enabled me to create a more realistic colour match.

All my house now look as one and I am really proud of the look! So are my neighbours!

Kris: Wimbledon, London, England.

We built a wall with 2 different types of brick. The old ones (bottom) and the newer ones above.

The colour was different so what we needed to balance the colour of the wall.

Dyebrick suggested their Brick-Age. It was easy to apply and gave us exactly the match we were seeking!

Parras: Wembley, London, England

Our mortar joints were looking old, tired and dirty.

We used your LimeLike 'Buttermilk' product to lighten them to match the new mortar on the newer brickwork.

This has made our house look cleaner and like it has been just been freshly re-pointed!

It took 2 x Sample Sachets and we carried the whole job out for less than £25!

John: Stoke on Trent, England.

Very pleased with result and a very good match for colour to the engineering bricks I needed to match; especially considering the common bricks had layers of paint on them which had to be removed.
I re-pointed the mortar after colouring the bricks.
I purchased one Charcoal Brick Tinting Kit and one Lightener pot.

Jamie: Hadleigh, Suffolk, England.

I am so impressed with how you product worked on my brickwork.
The bricks had an insoluble milky salt or lime residue on them. I was able to dye these back to the original colour using sample pots of your 'Mocha', Warm Orange' and 'Classic Brick Red'.
Thank you for such a great product!