Video Demonstrations

Brick Staining Cottage with Dyebrick

Brick staining extension using Dyebrick to match original cottage.

Brick Tinting Extension with Dyebrick

Blending and matching bricks with Dyebrick.

Brick Tinting a Porch with Dyebrick

These bricks were matched in using:

1 x Brick Tinting Kit (Soot Wash Replication - Mild)
1 x Brick Tinting Kit (Khaki)

They were blended together and diluted 3 times

Soot Wash Replication - Brick Tinting Product

SOOT WASH Replication is our premium brick tinting product designed to replicate carbon-based pollutants prevalent in London and many Northern industrial towns and cities.

When mixed, will produce a durable and natural finish that allows the masonry to breathe. The physical properties of the brick remains unaltered.

Original Dyebrick Video (2008)

Our original guide on using Dyebrick. A new one is coming soon.