Features can be added or enhanced to produce attractive details.
James:  Wallington, Greater London..
James: Wallington, Greater London..
Classic Brick RedWe were so pleased when we found your product! We were able to enhance the window arch brick details perfectly using your Classic Brick Red Tinting Kit. James Evans Wallington
Brian & Olga: Rochester, England.
Brian & Olga: Rochester, England.
Soot Wash Replication - Heavy
Chris and Jane: Canterbury, Kent.
Dale:  North Walsham, Norfolk
Dale: North Walsham, Norfolk
Old English Red/Rustic Brown 50/50. Diluted twice
Liz and Mike: Milton Keynes, England
Liz and Mike: Milton Keynes, England
1 x Classic Brick Red mixed with 1 x Old English RedWe were always unhappy with the washed-out look of our feature bricks and were just about to start painting them with a red 'step paint'. when a neighbour mentioned your product she had heard of on the radio. We are so happy with the results as it has produced a completey natural look. Please see attached photos for your interest. Thank you so much... Liz and Mike