Wimbledon, England.
SOOT WASH MILD / Wimbledon, England.
We built a wall with 2 different types of brick. The old ones (bottom) and the newer ones above. The colour was different so what we needed to balance the colour of the wall. Dyebrick suggested their Brick-Age. It was easy to apply and gave us exactly the match we were seeking!
Parras: Wembley, London, England.
MORTAR TINTING / Parras: Wembley, London, England.
Our mortar joints were looking old, tired and dirty. We used your LimeLike 'Buttermilk' product to lighten them to match the new mortar on the newer brickwork. This has made our house look cleaner and like it has been just been freshly re-pointed! It took 2 x Sample Sachets and we carried the whole job out for less than £25!