"I just wanted to thank you for your expert advice. I finished the project this weekend and am so impressed with the results. I wasn't expecting it to look this great. The color was a perfect match...some bricks needed multiple coats because the lime/efflorescence was so dense. Wonderful product and will order again if needed in the future." OUR ADVICE TO KRISTIN REGARDING HER WALL FOLLOWING THE REMOVAL OF A TRELLIS..... This could be very tricky. It all depends upon what the white milky staining is. It could be paint residue, or it could be limescale from any watering that was carried out in the past. You would need a very dilute solution of our product, as you will only need a subtle tint when adding to the lighter areas. You could try our 'Brick-Age' and perhaps our 'Rustic Brown', so we suggest sample pots of those first. You may actually have enough when using the sample pots, as you will need to dilute them quite a bit. We will ensure extra Fixing Agent is sent, so you should not need to buy the kits. You really need to practice on some small areas first, as it will be a little tricky as it will depend on the absorption and the properties of the milky stain. The deposits could stop our product attaching to the silica in the clay of the brick.[i]