2 x Tudor Brown & 1 x Old English Red KitsDear Dyebrick, here are some pictures from before and after painting the bricks of a side extension. The problem I had was tying in an old building with a new extension. Not only were the bricks a different colour but also a different texture. I would definitely recommend getting a couple of the tester pots. We got the red and the Tudor brown. With the occasional brick painted in the red we started on the brown. The easiest way for us was for my wife to stand at a distance and tell me which brick to paint in the neat solution. Once an area was completed I would water down to the first dilution and start again on different bricks. Once I went to the next dilution it was just a case of painting the rest of the bricks. It is a real task but you can see from the pictures that the result is worth the effort, our house is now one.