"Many thanks for your Dyebrick consultation. The scaffolding is finally down and we can see the final results! As the photos remind us, the extension at the front of our house was built in orange brick rather than the original 1930's brownish purple and was totally out of balance. Now we have painted the bricks only the discerning eye would recognise the join. The Dyebrick has connected the old to the new, giving the impression of one building. I started off by watering down the solution until I personally gained some confidence in using the product. I applied between 2 and 5 coats to acheive an overall colour balance accross the whole building. Applying the Dyebrick was easy and I quickly remembered your advice not to put too much dye on the brush to prevent running! I hope you enjoy viewing the results of our transformation. Please feel free to use the photos on your website. Many thanks again for your help and for producing such a remarkable product that really has transformed our home!" Best regards, Alison Bougard 31st May 2007