My nightmare building problem was how to repair the drive pillar and end section of a residence’s twenty-five year old wall, which had been hit by a car. To replace the whole wall in new brick was simply unaffordable. Worse still, it was made from red-purple bricks with mottled age markings of which there was no modern equivalent: they had been fired to a non-standard size: and the wall’s colour was balanced with those of neighbouring properties that formed part of an historic grade 1 conservation feature! I contacted every brick merchant worth his salt from the north to the south of England but the brick could not be matched. The house owner was well-informed and very particular, and would not accept a compromise. After four months of fruitless research, the situation was becoming testing. This is when a bricklayer recommended Dyebrick to me, having seen the results during a well-known BBC building & renovation series. Dyebrick were personable and helpful from the start, going to exceptionally patient lengths to help me isolate the dye colour blends and brush techniques that would achieve a precise match. I was also carefully advised to choose new bricks with the correct surface texture and match the mortar style. Thus, despite my incredulous disbelief, new yellow bricks were used to re-build the wall and pillar, and each layer of brush-applied Dyebrick worked its transforming magic until the wall looked exactly like it had done before the accident. Quite incredible! And the material cost was a fraction of a rebuild. I am sure there are many building situations where Dyebrick is the only viable option. My heartfelt gratitude to the Dyebrick team and their amazing products. Yours sincerely, Giles Pittman