Discovering brick staining. I'd never heard of staining bricks before. Googling it, I found a few companies in Australia that provide a professional service but will not sell the materials for DIY, and eventually I came across Dyebrick's UK web site, which offered DIY kits, a very flexible product, sample pots, advice, made it look easy, and offered no fuss worldwide delivery. I emailed Dyebrick for advice on how I might stain all the bricks to match the darkest brown bricks in the wall. That more or less summarises my expectations at that time. Dyebrick soon replied suggesting a mix of two of their colours, which opened up more options for me that I had not considered and raised my expectations. I decided to try to match the bluestone in the 1880 walls instead. I ordered a selection of sample pots (charcoal, yellow stock, old english red for another project and the lightener) via the free delivery option expecting to see them in several weeks. I was therefore very pleasantly surprised to see them arrive after just 5 days. If this was typical it would fit perfectly with my schedule of working on the project over weekends only.... Click this link for Ross's detailed report on his Brick Tinting experience: Old Cottawalla Schoolhouse