First of all THANK YOU for including the Classic Brick Red kit with my order. It was very kind of you and was the perfect addition. I ended up using a combination of the Classic Red Brick and the Tudor Brown to come very close to the color of our bricks. I did the entire area in the mixture, then went back over the bad mortar job with some Brick-Age. The light color of the mortar still shows a bit in places, so I still may do a very diluted coat of the brick age in a few places. But, unless you know what to look for it looks amazing. I don’t think it will ever look as perfect as the original, but the “curb appeal” of our house just increased immensely! In the second picture you can see that I made a wash of very dilute acrylic paint and lightened the areas above the windows and door. Looks so neat and clean. :) Thank you so very much for your help and for sending the extra color. I’m amazed that you just knew that’s the color I needed. I am beyond happy! All the best, Julie