Annie: Chichester, England.This tiny cottage is very close to my heart and we have done all we could possibly to renovate it from being in a terrible mess to become a home while retaining all the history and features ... for posterity After 5 1/2 years of works we are still at it. This inglenook was a daunting prospect as the paints used had really destroyed the whole thing and without Peelaway 7 I would have been desperate as one cannot sand blast such a fragile area (or sand blast ANY area in a treasure like this) To know there is a product out there that might help us "lift" this little Black Hole of Calcutta into a pleasant sight to behold while not tarting it up to look false and modern is very encouraging. _______________________________ We have now completed our fireplace using the Dyebrick colours you suggested. We are thrilled with the results!