Kirsten: New Orleans, Louisiana, USALast weekend I knocked out a project I have been dying to do since we moved in a month ago. As a double shotgun, our house has a five (yes, 5!) fireplaces. None of them are actually functional, but three still have exposed brick on the first floor. Unfortunately, the one in the living room was a weird shade of orangey-red. I can handle red, but the orange truly looked awful next to our grey walls. After quite a bit of research, I found the UK-based company, Dyebrick. Dyebrick offers 10 different colors and is made so that you can apply the product in varying strengths. Meaning you can either use it full-strength or dilute the heck out of it so that you’re pre-existing brick shows through as much as possible. I went with the “charcoal” color and did a full dilution so that I would have as much product as possible because I only ordered one kit. As you can see, our fireplace still needs a bit of love– I need to find a grill cover and accessorize the mantle– but the change in color is a big improvement.