Dear Dyebrick, "We purchased our current home 18 months ago. it was a 3,700 sq.ft 14 year old center hall colonial in need of much work. We are inveterate do-it-yourselfers and completed projects such as re-flooring 6 rooms, remodelling a bathroom, rebuilding a huge deck, installing fencing and a pergola shading system. As we completed our main projects we attended a neighborhood picnic at which a young boy informed us that he and his friends referred to our house as the "mafia" house. When I asked why, he responded that the house is scary because it is dark and brooding and sits away back up on the hill. With this input we looked again at out house and were surprised to conclude that we agreed with the young man. The previous owners had built a four bedroom American colonial and brick faced it with dark red-brown brick suited for an English Tudor. We wanted to lighten our brick but did not want to ruin $10,000 worth of otional brick facing by painting it. Dyebrick allowed us to brighten the face without taking the irreverible step of painting it. After locating Dyebrick on the internet, curing our dark brick problem was simple. The three brick colors we created were: 1) 100% Old English Red 2) ½ pot of Old English Red diluted with 100mls of Lightener. 3) ½ pot of Old English Red diluted with 200mls of Lightener. Once we created them, we used these colors to lighten our dark brown bricks and to create a pleasing red, pink and white brick pastiche throughout the field of our house's brick front. The pictures tell the story of the bright and cheery face that our house now presents. The application was straight forward but required two coats of Dyebrick applied 10-15 minutes apart. We did this without waiting by applying the pink first, followed by the light and dark red bricks next. Once we finished the red first coat, the pink bricks were then ready for the second coat. We love the brand new look that your product has given our home." Sincerely, Greg and Pat Hodge Coatesville, PA.