My wife didn’t like the color of our house so I searched for a product I could use that didn’t require painting the house. I found this brick dye and it was amazing!! It had easy to read instructions, and was easy to mix and use. I would recommend practicing a bit with the product prior to adding in the fixing agent so you can get the hang of using it and can clean it off. It’s easy to use but if you aren’t used to using a stain like product on a vertical surface you’ll want to try it out first before making it permanent. However, once you get the hang of it you can add the agent and get rolling. Note: Make sure you keep the dye mixed as you use it to keep the color the same throughout the project. This was totally worth the time and effort. Now we have a completely different house on the outside without spending thousands of dollars. This product is amazing and I’ve already recommended it to other people I know.