Tudor Brown x 12 KitsWe just finished staining the brick of our entire home last week and we are absolutely THRILLED with how it turned out. We've received so many compliments on the finished look of our home--- the before/after pictures that I have are incredible!! We are so impressed with the product, the application, and all the assistance offered by your company! Again, we're just thrilled!! FOLLOW-UP EMAIL... The bricks with the vertical grooves were tricky, but I'll tell you what--- I almost would have preferred them over the original brick of the house. The original brick had two smooth sections with a wire-cut, vertical groove section in the middle. When I started those bricks, I had a really tough time getting the hang of it because of the smooth sections. You had said that I need to apply even pressure but the smooth sections would soak up stain so very fast and if I went too slow- even just a second- I would see the brush lines. I decided to try a tapered paint brush--- I could really lessen the amount of product used on that brush and that helped tremendously. I could swipe the smooth sections very quickly with very little product--- I would do left side, then right side and return to the wire-cut middle with the Dyebrick brush that came with the kit. That was the best process that I found. Joe had a very tough time getting the hang of it-- he had trouble going quickly and accurately enough on the smooth sections, so I had to take over. :) But when we got back to the new-er brick of the house that were all wire-cut with vertical grooves, we had to switch tactics. We went back to the brush that you gave us because it held more stain and that brick needed more product to get into the grooves or a brush stroke was wasted and didn't cover near enough-- a lot of wasted strokes before we got the hang of it. We did have many instances where we missed, or had too much product on the brush and it ran onto the mortar, but your advice to apply the stone sander helped wonders to fix the problem. And in the end, there's so many bricks and even the small mistakes don't stand out like you think they will. I calculated that I put in about 100 hours on approximately 1200 square foot house, spending about 10 seconds on each brick. Again, we're just thrilled with the result! Thank you so much for all your guidance and help and we're so grateful that you accepted our return. Thank you, thank you!