Hotham School Wall – Soot Washing

Hotham School Wall Soot Wash
Hotham School Wall Soot Washing

“Residents who have expressed concerns about the appearance of a new school wall in Putney will have spotted that action has now been taken to make the wall blend into its surroundings more easily.”

Dyebrick products were chosen to ‘age’ the new wall to produce a more sympathetic appearance more suited to the surrounding period properties.

Dale Dempsey, who has been tinting bricks for over 30 years, carried out the work on behalf of Wandsworth Council. The process is known as Soot Washing, (or ‘sooting’).

Dyebrick have two products for this ageing process, one called ‘Soot Wash’ and a less intense product called ‘Brick-Age’. It was the Brick-Age product that was used for this project.

Although the majority of this work was carried out a few months ago, the finishing touches are being carried out this week.

The Marriott Burns Night Celebration – London

LBC - Help a Capital Child

LBC’s very own James Whale raised over £70k for Help a Capital Child as he hosted The Marriott Burns Night Celebration on Friday 21st January.

This year’s celebration was again held at the stunning 5* Marriott Grosvenor Square in Mayfair, London.

Dyebrick were proud to be involved in this year’s event and donated over £2000 worth of   Haggis Droppings‘  for the evening.

Haggis Droppings

The Marriott Burns Night Ball
The Marriott Burns Night Ball

Channel 4 – Restoration Man – Uses Soot Wash Replication

Soot Wash Replication

Soot Wash Replication’ was used on a restoration project in East Sussex. The episode ‘Coach House’ will be broadcast at 9:00pm on Sunday 2nd May. The product was well-diluted to create an authentic aged appearance to the flintwork.

Lisa and Darren share a dream of converting a coach house in East Sussex into a unique family home, under the watchful eye of George Clarke, Channel 4’s Restoration Man.

Dyebrick used to camouflage crack repair!

Dyebrick was used to great effect when a solution was required to disguise some obvious repair work that could be seen for miles!

The old Horton Kirby paper mill chimney in Dartford Kent was refurbished by Churchill Steeplejacks as part of a new residential development by Fairview Homes.

The brick chimney standing at 75m tall was also slightly reduced in height by a Churchills. Once the chimney had been reduced to the required height the summit was be capped off, and a new lightning protection system was installed.

Dyebrick ‘Brick-Age’ was used for some of the new brick-up areas at the base and ‘Charcoal’ and ‘Khaki’ Brick Tinting Kits were used for tinting the old crack repair.

Brick Tinting to Chimney

The Mill, South Darenth.

Tommy Walsh – Series Re-Run

Tommy Walsh - Series Re-Run

Tommy’s television series ‘Tommy’s Fix Your House For Free?’ is being run again on Discovery Realtime.

See how Tommy was able to save over £500 by using two of our Brick Tinting Kits!

The programme featuring the Dyebrick Brick Tinting Kit is aired on Thursday 26th November at 9.00pm.

If the show dates are outdated see this link GarageConversion and look out for the show entitled ‘Lesley’s Holistic Therapy Room’

1760’s Coffeehouse at Colonial Williamsburg, VA


The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation reconstructed Richard Charlton’s 18th-century coffeehouse—which, is the only authentic 18th-century coffeehouse in the United States. the grand opening is on Friday, November 20, 4:00 p.m.

Brick Stain Products

Dyebrick products were used on the cosmetic renovation to the foundation walls.

Brick mason Ray Canetti stained the bricks sympathetically to create an authetic and natural recreation of how the Coffeehouse would have looked when first built.

Dyebrick is specified for use in conservation projects, as the physical properties of the masonry are not altered. For more information about the Coffee House renovation click here.

For information about The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation click here.

Tommy Walsh

Tommy Walsh and Dyebrick

See Dyebrick in action with Tommy Walsh. Britain’s best-loved builder uses Dyebrick on his new television series:

“Tommy’s Fix Your House For Free?” on Discovery Realtime.

Tommy used Dyebrick to produce a perfect match for a garage conversion project in Bedfordshire.

Conversion Complete!

The series starts tonight and can be seen every Thursday night at 9.00pm and the project is

due to be aired on the 22nd October.

If the show dates are outdated see this link GarageConversion and look out for the show entitled ‘Lesley’s Holistic Therapy Room’

A ‘Nice’ Addition To The Dyegrout Range!

Dyegrout, our sister Company, was the first choice for the new ‘Nike Orange’ Advertising Campaign as a strong and vibrant colour was required for special tile display units. We custom matched their bright orange brand-colour with a special high-grade flourescent pigment blend.

Nice Orange Grout

We are also launching this new colour (called ‘Nice’ Orange) with our new Vibrant Tile-Grout Range early in the New Year.

Dyebrick US Tour 4: ‘West Coast’ confirmed

Dyebrick are pleased to announce that our West Coast tour is confirmed and due to start on September 6th 2010.

Dyebrick US Tour 4: ‘West Coast’ confirmed

We will be starting our tour in San Francisco and finishing four weeks later in Seattle.

We will be stopping off at numerous customer locations. If you’re interested in a visit from the Dyebrick team to take a look at your project, then please email us using the regular Contact Us form. There is only a limited amount of time we can stop off at locations, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Dyebrick on TV

Dyebrick came to the rescue when celebrity builder Tommy Walsh and his sidekick Liam Collins were having difficulty searching for bricks of a particular colour for a new television programme.

Brick Tinting on TV

Dyebrick were approached by one of the UK’s leading independent television production companies, Flame TV, to supply and offer advice in respect to changing the brick colour to save money for a particular project in a renovation programme based on reclaimed and salvaged materials.
‘Tommy’s Fix Your House for Free?’ due to be aired on the Discovery Channel Realtime will be hosted by Tommy Walsh, Britain’s best loved builder and his sidekick Liam Collins. Liam is an expert in reclamation and sourcing of surplus and discarded building materials and is often found rummaging through skips and demolition sites ~ with the owners permission of course!
Dyebrick were able to fit the remit of the programme by allowing Tommy and Liam to choose the cheapest available bricks and then colour them to match the existing brickwork.
During the programme Tommy and Liam help a woman save £5,500 by reclaiming materials that would otherwise be discarded and by using Dyebrick they were able to make a further saving of £500. The bricks were changed from red to yellow using two Brick Tinting Kits.

Brick Colour Washing in London

Dyebrick was used as an effective red colour-wash to enhance ‘Riverview Mansions’ by the Thames in London.

Five of our ‘Six-Packs’ were used for this project. Please contact us for free advice and sample panels when using for large projects.

Brick Colour Wash
Red Brick Colour Wash using Dyebrick

Brick Dye Kit: Patent Grant

Our Brick Stain Kit has finally been granted a patent after a 5 year wait.

This, in conjunction with our HSBC Worldwide-Intellectual Property Insurance, enables us to initiate legal proceedings against unauthorised copy violations.

We are fully prepared and committed to protect our patent with an initial $1.8 million cover in place towards legal fees and expenses if litigated through trial.

Here is a scan of the Certificate of Grant of Patent:

Brick Dye Patent

You can view all the details of the patent on the Intellectual Property Office’s website HERE.

Or view at Espacenet World Patents website HERE

Dyebrick at Greenwich Village NYC

Dyebrick products are chosen by restoration and heritage groups to blend-in obvious extensions and repair work.

This particular project was completed 5 years ago and still looks as good as the day it was tinted. All the repair work was sympathetically disguised using Dyebrick ….and a little artistic flair!

US Tour 2009 Summary

Dyebrick USA Tour 2009

Dyebrick wishes to thank all the customers (and their neighbours!) for their kind hospitality on our East Coast 2009 tour.

We did do a lot less miles this trip than usual and managed 18 visits this time beating our last tour by four!

We experienced temperatues  ranging from 28oC to -10oC on our trip from Miami, Florida to Washington, D.C. We took three days off to visit Miami and travel down to Key West.

We picked our tour bus up in Orlando, ready to start work! ~Thanks again to ‘Signs Unlimited’ for their quality vinyl grapics!

At the end of our tour we took two further days off to witness the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States – Barack Obama. We cycled in from just outside Arlington and managed to get a good view on the National Mall.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Aaron Leach and the other volunteers at the Salvation Army who accepted our bicycles as donations for their Adult Rehabilitation Centre in Richmond, Virginia and to Major Mary Smith for pointing us in the right direction.

Please Note: We could only store a specific amount of samples for our trip, so for those of you who requested samples when we were in Delaware, please remember to quote your ‘Preference Number’ when placing your order.

Dyebrick Camera Competition – The Winners!

Win a Canon Camera!  Samantha: Clelsea, London, UK.  Tim: Northampton, UK.  Jeff: Cheektowaga, New York.  

We conducted the random draw earlier today and we are pleased to announce that the winners of the “Win a Canon Camera with Dyebrick” competition are as follows:

  1. Samantha, Chelsea, London UK wins herself a Canon Powershot S5 IS for her fantastic fireplace makeover.
  2. Timothy, Northampton, UK will be receiving a Canon Powershot A560 for his great Brick Age project
  3. Jeff, Cheektowaga, New York, USA is the lucky winner of a Canon Powershot A470 for his wonderful transformation. 

Congratulations to all three winners and thanks to everyone who submitted great photos of their Dyebrick projects.

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